Each week we’ll be featuring a different business in our downtown community. Enjoy this question and answer interview with Fat Ricky’s Pub & Grub a new restaurant located on the corner of High and Poplar Streets located at 530 Poplar Street.

How long have you been in business? New to Cambridge

Do you have online ordering?  No but they can call us at 443-382-0257 for takeout.

Do you sell online gift cards? N0

How did you get started? I started at the 5th Tavern/Restaurant

Have you had any businesses before this one? Yes

Did you do something else before you opened the shop ?  Yes I was involved in outdoor power equipment and I had a used car dealership. I had a few Taverns years ago, I was thinking a tavern/restaurant would be a great retirement business, however it is much more work than expected lol.

Do you have any hobbies? Boating, I do a lot of things on my boats, at the present time I am living on my boat while I am here in Cambridge.

What makes you different from other merchants or restaurants?  Besides our local fresh meat and produce, Fat Ricky’s has teamed up with The Artic Foundation in helping insure our less fortunate children awake every Christmas morning with something special under the tree.

What distinguishes your  brand?  Fresh & Local products

How are you coping during the Covid 19 crisis: Like the rest of us, day by day.

What type of products do you carry? Steaks, Burgers, Seafood and Our cheese steaks have always been #1

Has your business suffered and if so what percent are you down? Yes, 80%

What has most surprised you during the crisis?  How empty downtown is.  While it isn’t necessarily surprising, we really appreciate the outpouring of support and concern from our friends and customers.  Likewise, downtown merchants as a whole are committed to working together with the goal of everyone being able to reopen when we get the green light.

What do you miss most? Large groups of friends.

How do you protect yourself or your staff? We follow the CDC guidelines.

What cleaning methods do you employ? We clean and sanitize the entire kitchen multiple times a day.

Business Contact Information:
Fat Ricky’s Pub & Grub
Owners –
530 Poplar Street
Facebook: “Fat Rickys Cambridge”