CAMBRIDGE – This season, you’ll find a few changes to the Cambridge Farmer’s Market, organized by Cambridge Main Street for the last several years since its inception in the early 2000’s.

The market will be moving from its location at Long Wharf to belonging among the commercial district in downtown. The move is a reflection of an initiative to revive interest, drive more traffic to the market, and also create stronger relationships with the downtown core. The market was originally organized in the parking area off of Academy and Muir Streets and was moved to Long Wharf in 2012.

This year the market will make it’s home along the 500 block of Race Street, specifically 540 Race Street. The market will be located on a private lot at the intersection of Cemetery Ave & Race Street. The lot has excellent access to power, ample public parking, and other food and convenience related businesses currently utilized by the community. “It also makes it rather convenient to frequent other downtown shops, grocers, and restaurants while in the general area” said Cambridge Main Street, Executive Director Katie Clendaniel.

Clendaniel cites the revitalization efforts on the 500 block for the inspiration to make the move this year. “The timing seemed right to make this all come together this year. Between the visible progress being made on the stabilization of the Hearn Building and other activities on this block, the opportunity to continue to motivate positive change for the area while also serving the community through the market was irresistible.”

For those unable to attend the farm market on any particular day, a partnership with “Beat the Rush Delivery” will help get fresh fruits and vegetables to buyers by offering personal shopping and delivery to your home or workplace in the nearby area for a small fee. For more information about personalized delivery from the farmer’s market check out their website or call 443.351.7870.

The market will also experience a new infusion of promotional efforts, entertainment, informative workshops and community engagement activities.

The Farmer’s Market Opening day is scheduled for Thursday, May 4th, from 3pm to 6pm. Opening day events will include live entertainment from Bobby Reed, a ribbon cutting at 3pm with the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce, and more family fun activities being organized. The market will be scheduled each week at the same time and place through October 26th.

For regular updates, be sure to follow the Cambridge Farmer’s Market Facebook page. Email for details.