A guide to restaurants, shops, and attractions for Downtown Cambridge!

Announcing the return of the Downtown Guide, a brochure featuring all the restaurants, shops and attractions for downtown Cambridge!

The guide features a number of businesses in the district, which has become a destination for unique experiences like skipjack sails, the Choptank River Lighthouse, and as a culinary scene attracting epicurean visitors across the region. A number of retailers featuring gifts, handmade and artisan items have also popped up along the city’s central commercial streets.

“This effort has been about a year in the making” shared Katie Clendaniel, Executive Director for Downtown Cambridge. “We wanted to work with partners, and launch the brochure as a part of our ‘Soul of the Shore’ brand roll out.”

“The timing is also extremely important.” Clendaniel continued, “We are seeing much more visitor traffic – folks who want to know what is here and how to get around”.

A guide was last produced in 2008, when Downtown Cambridge wanted to help spread the word about businesses in the downtown district. It was a particularly difficult time for the downtown which was dealing with a devastating fire that closed traffic along Race Street and the start of the great national recession.