Each week we’ll be featuring a different business in our downtown community. Enjoy this question and answer interview with Doug Turner owner of Downtown Frame of Mine a retailer located at 319 High Street.

How long have you been in business? 12 years

Do you have online ordering?  No, but people can call me to discuss their needs at (410) 228-7977

Do you sell online gift cards? No

How did you get started?  I was working at the Eastern Shore Hospital Center in the workshop and I felt it was a time for a change. My nephew was selling his framing business, at that time of Maryland Avenue, so I bought it. At that time my brother in-law used my shop for his studio and he helped my out with colors and such so  a good bit of credit goes to him, at least in the early days.

Have you had any businesses before this one? No

Did you do something else before you opened the shop ?  Yes as I said I was the Workshop Director at the Eastern Shore Hospital Center for 30 years.  At that time they trained patients in wood working skills.

Do you have any hobbies? I still like to work with wood and i have added on to my house with bedrooms and bathrooms also decks and pergolas. I also like photography.

What makes you different from other merchants or restaurants?  Well we are the only frame shop in Cambridge that also has an art gallery so that makes us special. I feature the works of my brother in-law  George Wright. and 4 or 5 other Dorchester artists. They are quite good.

How are you coping during the Covid 19 crisis:  Well it was tough couple on months. Last year High Street was closed for 4 months so this isn’t as bad as 2019. But I usually have  3 week  backlog of work so that kept me going for the first month and people have been calling and ordering.

Have you received any funds from the Federal or State governments? Yes I received a $1000 grant from the federal government.

What type of products do you carry?  Custom framing and artwork.

Has your business suffered and if so what percent are you down?  I would say we are down 50%

What has most surprised you during the crisis?  Not knowing how long it’s going to be it’s rather anxiety producing not knowing if it’s going to be month, two months or 6 months. I do know that if it went on another 2 months it was going to be trouble. I did have a visit from Andy Harris and we talked about the listing  of essential and non essential business rather than high risk and low risk businesses.  I could of stayed open the entire time if the governor  took the later approach  . . .  as  frequently I have only 2 or 3 customers per day.

What do you miss most?  When the customer comes in and sees the assembled package  . . . I love to hear WOW!

How do you protect yourself or your staff?  Wearing masks when a  a customer is in the shop and lots of hand sanitizer.

Business Contact Information:
Downtown Frame of Mine
Owners – Doug Turner

319 High  Street

(410) 228-7977
Facebook: “Downtown Frame of Mine”