Each week we’ll be featuring a different business in our downtown community. Enjoy this question and answer interview with Bistro Poplar located at 535 Poplar Street

How long have you been in business? 12 years

Do you have online ordering?  Yes, accessed through the website on the menu page.

Do you sell online gift cards? No.

How did you get started? After cooking in cities across the country I wanted to open my own place in my home town.

Have you had any businesses before this one? No

Did you do something else before you opened the shop ? I was a chef in Napa, CA, Easton, MD, Miami Beach. FL and Hyde Park, NY

What is your favorite meal? BBQ Brisket or Steamed Crabs and corn

Do you have any hobbies? Traveling

What makes you different from other merchants or restaurants?   Not sure . . . probably our longevity of business. Not many businesses have been open as long as we have.

What distinguishes your  brand?  Consistent quality.

Is your family involved in the business? Yes, my mother, Donna Campbell, and I own the business together. My wife, Cat Campbell, helps run the dining room (pre-covid) and my kids are constant and vicious food critics.

How are you coping during the Covid 19 crisis:  Completely changing our business model to adapt to a carryout only, online ordering platform.

What type of products do you carry?  Food, wine, beer cocktails.

What type of food do you prepare? French Bistro style fused with Eastern Shore favorites.

What was your best seller before Covid and what is your best seller during Covid? Pre-Covid Onion Soup, Steak Frites, Fried Oysters.  During Covid Onion Soup, Peruvian Chicken and Bushwackers

Has your business suffered and if so what percent are you down?  Yes, about 75%

What has most surprised you during the crisis?  Surprised at everything at first now it seems like nothing is shocking . .

What do you miss most?  Hugs and handshakes.

How do you protect yourself or your staff?  Providing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, healthy meals. Providing service with less contact.

What cleaning methods do you employ?  Everyday lysol treatment of all common surfaces i.e. doorknobs, fridge doors, POS machines.

Bistro Poplar
Owners – The Campbells
535 Poplar Street
410 228 4884
Facebook: Bistro Poplar